Kandy’s majestic colonial era landmark that houses the popular Queen’s Hotel was chosen as the location for the second ‘Luv SL’ store of ODEL.

The new ‘Luv SL’ store offers a range of fashionable items including casual clothing, accessories and stationery, mugs, picture frames, toys, cosmetics and toiletries, curios and confectionery retailed under the Luv SL brand.

A collection of products promoting Kandy is also available at the new store. These products draw inspiration from Kandy and its environs, such as local temple paintings, traditional motifs, cross stitch work and beadwork and flowers from the ‘LiyaWela’ including the lotus, pineapple flower, and the Sapu flower. To maintain their authenticity, some of these Kandy related products are sourced directly from the locality.