A love for Sri Lanka and things uniquely Sri Lankan has inspired top fashion and lifestyle retailer ODEL to launch a sub brand for a range of home-grown products in the fashion, accessories, souvenirs and household items categories that are to be retailed in a new format of stores. The range is also now available online.

The colourful, distinctly tropical materials and motifs imbued in traditional Sri Lankan objects d’art have been utilised to produce a wide spectrum of products ranging from casual clothing and accessories to stationery, mugs, picture frames, toys, cosmetics and toiletries, curios and even confectionery that will be retailed under the Luv SL brand.

The Luv SL stores will offer products from ODEL, ‘Backstage,’ ‘Embark’ and ‘Delight’ -- all home-grown brands -- while the store at Queens Hotel Kandy will also feature a Sri Lankan jeweller, a tea brand and a beauty brand.

On offer under the Luv SL label will be T shirts for ladies, gents and children; boxers, ties and cufflinks; mugs, cloth bags, slippers, body lotions, pens, pencils, notebooks and other items of stationery; picture frames, toys, baby products, essential oils, lacquer ware, masks and an extensive collection of elephant souvenirs.

The Souvenir department of ODEL has supported several social causes over the years. It contributes a percentage of its sales to the ODEL Foundation, which made the first donation to the award-winning Bundala National Park project. More recently, the Souvenir department supported ODEL’s ‘Charity Weekends’ initiative in October 2011, donating part of its proceeds to the Wildlife Conservation Society of Galle to mark World Animal Day. ODEL also supports many local cottage industries and provides jobs and income to over 100 village groups, thereby helping the rural economy.

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