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Our Values at Work


We all choose to serve at one time or the other - be it at home, work, school or in a place of worship. Service can’t be mechanical. Rather, it needs faith, passion and dedication as its driving force. By incorporating these into your worldview, serving takes on a whole new meaning. Most importantly, it allows you to give yourself in the best way you can ever dream of - with joy.

As an employee of Odel, I do just that. My company has called me to offer my loyal services with unparalleled professionalism. In a competitive world such as ours, we strive to differentiate the quality of service we provide.  This enables us to offer our customers nothing short of a truly unique shopping experience. And it gives me great joy to play a role in it.

We serve – it’s part of our values. Part of our lives.


The great thing about inspiration is that it has no limits – it allows you to dream. These visions may start out really big or just small. Yet, choosing to do something about your dreams can not only make you different from the rest. Being inspired to take action allows you to make a change in a life, even if it’s one step at a time.

At Odel, we are encouraged to apply this to both our professional and personal lives. This could mean lending a hand in building a house for the homeless or saving an injured street dog. Most often, we do not realise that what may start out as a local community project, may finally go onto create an impact even on an international scale. And it’s such a wonderful experience to share in.

We inspire – it’s part of our values. Part of our lives.


Style can be quiet, submissive and conforming. Or it can be loud, defiant and in your face.

Style, in terms of fashion, is self expression. It allows you to convey a diverse range of moods and feelings. Style can also say a lot about people, especially women. Our ability; to glide almost effortlessly from six yards of a flowing sari, to a high-waist corporate skirt or into grungy ripped jeans, states a lot about who we are today – strong, sure and not afraid to express it.

Working at Odel, has not only given me the confidence to explore my style in many ways. It has made me realise that it is a powerful way of communicating.  From raising awareness on the importance of wildlife conservation to simply saying ‘I love Sri Lanka,’ style can tell the world about who you are. And I love the fact that I am able to contribute to this.

We style – it’s part of our values. Part of our lives.


Love, is often hard to define. Because of this, it has the power to transcend boundaries. Although love has many meanings, it is one of the best feelings we could ever experience. There is the type of love we feel for ourselves, family, friends and even pets. And then there is the kind that you have for your country or workplace.

As an employee of Odel, I make it a priority to love and respect the customer. Meeting, talking and sharing ideas with different people from all walks of life is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. For me, it does not get better than this. No customer is the same, but each one is unique in their own way. I love the fact that I am able to share in this awesome experience.

We love – it’s part of our values. Part of our lives.


We all enjoy things in different ways. It’s what makes the world such an interesting place. It may be watching a movie, listening to a song or playing a game of cricket, but at the end of the day we all have something which makes us ‘tick.’ I believe it’s important to know that there are many things in life which can make us happy, not just one.

As an employee of Odel, I can genuinely say that I really enjoy my work. Every day, I look for ways that I can bring a smile to a customer’s face, by meeting their needs in a speedy and efficient manner.  It’s one of the most rewarding and pleasurable aspects of my job, of which I enjoy every moment of. I am so glad to play a role in it.

We enjoy -it’s part of our values. Part of our lives.


Saving can come in diverse forms. Most people don’t realise that you can save a memory, an idea or even a value to last a lifetime. In fact, it is something that many have done in the past and continue to do to this day. Often, this is how we preserve and pass on culture, education and other important values to the next generation.

Working at Odel, has enabled me to save not just financially but also in terms of life experience.  As one of the most-visited destinations, it has attracted tourists from around the world. This has given me an unique opportunity to learn about different nationalities, cultures and of course fashion.  As employees, we also have been made aware of the importance of saving the environment and its resources. I am truly honoured to play a role in this.

We save – it’s part of our values. Part of our lives.


Every once in a while, we all get the opportunity to give.  What makes it so special is that this comes from a place deep within your heart. Giving should be driven by passion and most of all, commitment. If fostered right, it can bring about change and impact lives - on a local or even international scale. And the more of us involved in doing good, the better!

As an employee of Odel, I make it my aim to give and enrich the lives of others. I am privileged to work with a team of dedicated staff who make it their business to ensure people are happy. Whether it’s exchanging a smile or going out of your way to meet a need, giving allows you to connect with others. I am delighted to share in this opportunity.

We give - it’s part of our values. Part of our lives.


Innovation gives you the chance to do something new, everyday. It’s an exciting journey full of endless possibilities and challenges that can lead just about anywhere - as it is you who decides the boundaries. It’s important to surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to be the best you can be. I believe innovation is one of the key ingredients not only for success, but being different too.

At Odel, we do all of this and more. Being part of one of the most inventive retail brands is great – because employees are given the freedom to express themselves on a daily basis. It also means that you work in an environment that is not only creative - it specialises in making dreams a reality. It’s an amazing experience to be involved in.

We innovate - it’s part of our values. Part of our lives.