Yoland Collection

Inspired by the nature, art and culture….

Created using the best natural fabrics, silks, chiffons and cottons come together…..

In an inimitable fusion of texture, colour and design,

To form a one of a kind piece.

This is fashion……This is artistry……. This is the Yoland Collection.

Wrapping human form in great works of art is what Yolanda Aluwihare – Holm strives for with each piece of her Collection. Her masterpieces exude vibrance in colour, texture and design and are all true works of art which come in the form of a fashion item be it a dress, a saree or a shawl. Year after year the Yoland Collection continues to create more breathtaking pieces, all luxurious, all a work of art and all unique. Yolanda herself has become one of the most celebrated designers not only in Sri Lanka but the world over, winning coveted awards nationally and internationally. Her Sri Lankan clientele include past Presidents, socialites and the glitterati of the local film fraternity while her international clientele include former first ladies and a huge following in Europe, Japan, India and the Middle East.

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